The association Amal Taznaqt is a non-profit organisation based in Taznaqt, a village near the city of Errachidia, situated in the south east of Morocco. The name of the organisation,Amal, means hope in Arabic. With this we want to share our ideas ofsolidarity with thosewho need it most the purpose of which is to promote their personal development through education andimproving living conditions. This is how we want them to know that with hope,the help of others and their own efforts, they can slowly move forward and look towards a better future. The main objectives of the organisation are to:

– Address poverty and the lack of resources of the area’s population and to whatever extent possible provide basic material goods for the people of the village, such as clothing, didactic material, toys, etc.·
– Plann actions of solidarity to achieve improvements in the field of the health of its inhabitants and the construction ofinfrastructures in the village.
– Favour and encourage cultural exchanges bewteen the volunteers, coordinators and the population·From respect and learning, to knowing the culture and traditions, and developing personal commitments through collaborative activities.
– Elaborate cultural and social projects with other bodies and associations in order to help and improve the population.
– To develop personal and social commitments by means of conducting group activities between children and adults of different origins with very contrasting thoughts to achieve personal overcoming of all individuals