Summer project

The association Amal Taznaqt offers a volunteering programme in Morocco,
specifically in Taznaqt, in the region of Errachidia in the southeast of the country.
This programme is carried out to welcome all those who want to participate in a
volunteering project whilst spending their holidays in a different place, learning a new
cultural and learning about its people.
There are four periods that can be chosen between the months of July and August.
Hay cuatro periodos a escoger entre los meses de julio y agosto. Soon we will
publish the exact dates of each project.

Period 1 Period 2 Period 3 Period 4 Period 5
June 27 to july 11 June 11 to july 25 June 25 to August 8 August 8 to August 22 August 22 to September 5  

What does the volunteering consist of?
There are different objectives intended to be carried out in the village of Taznaqt. As
dates coincide with possible holidays in Spain, the project will take the duration of
approximately one week, to make it viable for everyone.
The field work will be carried out in the schools near the house, where the volunteers
will stay.
Several groups of volunteers will be made (depending on the number of participants)
and will work around 5 hours a day (3 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the
The work will consist of doing various activities with the children of the village. It will work in
the nursery and primary school of Taznaqt doing cultural activities, workshops, crafts,
games, etc. It also includes the possibility of painting and improving schools, subject to the
needs of the people. Not only do we work with the children of the village, we also conduct
cultural exchange workshops with the women of the village, which are subject to the ideas
that provide
Free time and other cultural activities have been planned to be carried out together in the
group of volunteers and coordinators. The activities are:
 Visit to the village of Taznaqt.
 Visit to the city of Errachidia.
 Excursion to the blue source of Meski
 Traditional music: Group Maskawa
 Cultural workshop: Moroccan Wedding (with hammam, henna and traditional
 Moroccan Arabic classes (Darija)

At the end of the project a party will be held in the schools with gifts for the children
and a participation certificate for the volunteers. During the project we offer an
excursion (optional) to the desert of Merzouga, which includes camel ride and night
in the desert tents. On the way back we can enjoy the Gnawa music with the group
of Khamlia.

More information
Participation fee
The participation fee for the summer project is of 250 euros.
In this fee housing, food (4 daily meals excluding water or other drinks), material
needed for different projects, cultural activities and workshops for the volunteers,
presents for the children and material needed for the final party are included.
In the fee the plane ticket, health insurance (which volunteers will have to buy with
their flight because it includes medical coverage during the stay), the picking up of
the volunteers and the excursions to the desert are not included because these are
optional or vary from volunteer to volunteer.
The excursions that the association offer, including the excursion to the desert of
Merzouga, cost 65 euros in total.
The house of the volunteers
The volunteers and coordinators with live together in a traditional Moroccan house,
in the village of Taznaqt.
The house has three rooms equipped with mattresses and pillows for the volunteers and
coordinators, 2 bathrooms with showers, a kitchen and a meeting room as well as a wide
terrace with a Bedouin tent, which protects from the sun.
A Moroccan woman will cook (breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner) for the volunteers and
The volunteers will have to take charge of the house cleaning, which will be organised in
groups during the stay.

Picking up the volunteers
It is advised that the volunteers get in contact to buy their plane tickets with the same
airport destination as in the case that a group has more than 5 people the
association agrees to organize the collection of the volunteers from the airport to the
village of Taznaqt. The organisation will créate a group meeting point in order to
make the process easier. It is recommended to arrive at the airport of Fez (as it is
the closest to Errachidia) on the day that the project starts, which will coincide with
the flights from Spain.
The journey from the airport of Taznaqt is made in taxis contracted by the
association and have a cost of around 25/30 euros per person, depending on the
number of volunteers and if the number of seats are filled.
Volunteers who do not meet with the collection group or who wish to travel
individually will be duly informed about the journey to be followed with all the data,
prices and advice they may need.*


This programme is approximately how the activities will be divided throughout the
day, but it will not be carried out strictly. It could undergo changes and modifications,
depending on the day to day needs.