The association Amal Taznaqt is a non-profit organisation based in Taznaqt, a
village near the city of Errachidia, situated in the southeast of Morocco. This
association arose due to the will of several young Moroccans, coming from Taznaqt,
in search of the improvement of its humble people, long abandoned by the
government. In turn, the organisation is formed by young Spanish people who
collaborate and know the country. All of whom dedicate their free time to carry out
different projects and activities that improve and advance the population of this area.
On the other hand, the association counts on the help of international volunteers who
each year collaborate with different activities, which are carried out in each of the

Amongst all the members of the association we take care of the realization of
projects through cultural and didactic activities, following a schedule of clear and firm
bases, which leads us to achieve our objectives of assistance to the community. In
the field of work we establish daily meetings with the volunteers of each project to go
over the schedule, to make the right changes due to the new contributions and ideas
and to organize the different activities to guarantee the success of the volunteering.
These contributions help us to continue to progress in our everyday work. The
people who make up the association have experience in volunteering in different
fields. Most of the coordinators have previously worked in other organisations but
have decided together with the other member of Amal to form a new organisation to
be able to carry out their ideas and new projections around the region of Taznaqt.

The organisation also counts on the help and collaboration of other people of the
region on the basis of punctuality in some projects or in an uninterrupted way during
the various social actions carried out in the town.